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24 January 2022

Working in logistics: the most requested professional profiles and skills to find work in a logistics company

If we were to name the main professionals in the logistics sector, many people would immediately think of warehouse workers and couriers (vehicle drivers).

These two professional profiles are certainly among the most requested and most representative of logistics but, of course, they are not the only ones. In logistics companies, there are various professionals who are needed to make all processes work correctly and guarantee security, efficiency and punctuality.

In this in-depth study, we take a look at the most requested jobs in logistics by explaining the skills required of the various professionals.

Logistics Manager (Supply Chain Manager) logistics company

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for the management and organisation of all the procurement, production and distribution of goods that a company makes available to its customers. 

A Supply Chain Manager must be able to to integrate operations at the level of material and information flows, covering the entire range of suppliers, the production centre, logistics operators, points of sale and end customers.

The management of the supply chain begins with the acquisition of raw materials and ends with the delivery of the final product to the customer, passing through all these actors involved in the chain. This is why the Supply Chain Manager needs good communication, negotiation and management skills.

Logistic company warehouse manager

The warehouse manager is one of the positions that requires greater responsibility in the company's organisational chart. This professional profile must have leadership skills and be able to support the production manager to face the new scenarios that are emerging in the market.

In fact, they must supervise everything that happens in a warehouse to plan, direct and coordinate the procurement, replenishment, storage and distribution of the company's materials and products. One of their main goals is to optimise both the warehouse space and the tasks that take place there.

This is a high responsibility position, as their task is closely linked to the sustainability and performance of the entire business. A productive warehouse helps the company to achieve good results, as it improves the quality of the service and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

Logistics company customs agent

The customs agent is another of the most requested professional profiles. They are a professional whose aim is to ensure that the objects that are imported and exported comply with all the legal requirements to move from one country to another.

Operations manager or logistics company chief operating officer

The chief operating officer in logistics has one of the most important responsibilities as they are in charge of implementing the business plan and supervising everything that is done. 

Warehouse clerk

The warehouse clerk is one of the most requested positions in logistics. This professional figure deals withmanaging goods and products in the warehouse and represents a fundamental link for the proper functioning of the logistics chain. 

Logistics company traffic manager

The traffic manager distributes the loads and assigns the drivers , taking into account various variables, such as absences, holidays, load destinations, type of lorry, etc.

Logistics company sales planner

The sales planner is a technician who manages inventory and is responsible for the supply chain. They must be an analytical professional with broad strategic skills able to manage large data flows.

Logistics company drivers and couriers

Their work is one of the most important in the logistics chain as they are involved inmoving vehicles with loads from a distribution centre to the delivery location.

The skills required to work in logistics

Depending on the professional, to work in a logistics company it is necessary to have certain qualities and skills:

  • be experts in returns management, product updating, production and returns administration resolve conflicts to properly address any kind of inconvenience or tension at work while minimising the effect of conflict for the sake of productivity
  • have excellent planning, performance analysis and forecasting skills
  • understand and know how to manage large data flows
  • have a thorough understanding of the brokerage market at all levels
  • essere esperti in gestione dei resi, aggiornamento dei prodotti, produzione e amministrazione dei resi
  • have experience in transport modelling, i.e. in effective route planning and in making an assessment of existing conditions that are generally anticipated, along with a more detailed investigation of future projections

Logistics is essential for the proper functioning of many companies where the transport of goods in the established times and ways is essential. Logistics companies must integrate all functions that are part of the supply chain and bridge the gaps between locations, as well as act as a link throughout the business process with the rest of the companies they work with.

It is therefore essential thatemployees with very specific skills are hired to ensure flawless service.


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