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At the beginning of the pandemic crisis, the demand for all non-essential goods dropped while the demand from the food sector, especially online, increased dramatically. 

This has put a strain on the entire logistics sector linked to food.Demand has seen increases that have reached peaks of 300% to 400% and, as a consequence of various shops closing, the logistics network has often been the only point of contact with the outside world, forcing many companies to adapt to a new situation almost overnight.

The Aldieri group supported companies in the food sector in a critical juncture like the health emergency by reorganising the picking line and shifts to keep the standards of speed and efficiency unchanged even in the peaks of requests related to online food purchases.


  • Goods storage
  • Receipt of orders
  • Picking (selection and withdrawal of the material)
  • Packing (confezionamento)
  • Kitting (selection and collection of components to be assembled)
  • “Last mile”management, the route of goods from the logistics centre to their final destination
  • Maximum monitoring and tracking of products at every stage of the shipment Post-sale management
  • “Last mile” post vendita


Briefly, we let you find out how we collaborated with a company in the same sector as you. Facts matter, don't they?

A historic brand in the Italian food sector, it is a company that specialises in the production and processing of rice

During the recent lockdown period, the orders placed through the company's e-commerce channel increased tenfold. The dizzying growth in requests generated an unexpected and difficult to manage increase in processing volumes and caused reputation problems on social media. Customer dissatisfaction threatened to damage the company image.

Abbiamo studiato a fondo le necessità sopravvenute e le migliorie da mettere in atto, che ci ha permesso di sviluppare un servizio di call center per la gestione di più di 1000 ordini al giorno. La creazione di un flusso efficiente di spedizione ha garantito le consegne nei tempi e modalità richieste dal mercato. 

The market image was not compromised. Furthermore, the company was able to fulfil orders on a regular basis in line with the growth of the e-commerce channel.

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